…I’m glad to have met you….~

…I’m glad to have met you….~

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[walks into the cafe happily tweeting in a daze with a dumb smile on his face and sits down with a sigh] - Henry

A bat jumps out from behind the counter— bothering a certain dragon was her prime objective until just a moment ago, but now a new target was sighted. There was a quick whistle and suddenly the poor dazed bird found himself in the position of well….a sitting duck—


"Ehehehe~ So you’ve decided to show your face! Guess you figured we weren’t working the manor right now, huh?~ WELL. Stel— I mean, you’re fiancee, isn’t here yet~ But there are a few others that have been wanting to meet you~"

She blinked a bit, tilting from side to side as she smiled, “H-hello, I don’t believe we’ve met! I’m Flora~! i wanted to congratulate you on your engagement. But at the same time, what are your intentions with my Ste—” She was then bumped out of the way by a certain little eevee.

"MAN I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY DID THAT! ME AND LUNE WERE MAKING BETS ALL YESTERDAY! I seriously thought you got her pregnant but I guess not…….or did you—"

Bumped out of the way yet again—

All three girls began to bicker until finally there was a loud cough—

"…..W-what are you guys doing?! There are customers waiting! I-I’ll take care of Henry okay— so just get back to work!"

The flustered scizor was early for work today, and she had not been expecting this at all, actually as soon as they made eye contact she shyed away, intsead focusing on the ring around her finger as she flustered.

"Hi, Henry…W-what’s up?" She smiled.

The eevee says nothing but instead jumps around, tail wagging to and fro as she begins to rapidly look around.

"So, you heard about Miss Stella too, huh? Ehehe."


She stared intently at the new accessory on her finger,  her eyes narrowed— she closed them once more then in a second they flew open once again. Nope. It was still there, still in the same place. No matter how many times she did that it was always the same outcome.

She couldn’t believe it. She swore it was a dream…but no…there it was, the symbol of their promise. She and Lune had stayed up for most of the night talking, well after the initial shouting, screaming, and harping. And boy was she tired…. but she wasn’t disappointed in the least.

"Oh gosh….we’re engaged…."

She tipped over on her bed.

"Now….I have to tell my mom…pfft."



"Exactly! How is it that you haven’t seen one before? They’re practically everywhere!" he stuck his hands in his pockets. Meanwhile, his tongue was playing with the piercings on his lower lip; the chain piercing on his ear jingling as he walked. 

"Hey! Check it out!" he pointed to the magician as he pulled out a bouquet out of nowhere and gave it to Vani "Nice~ Looks like you’re lucky, eh?~" he smiled

"Well…I don’t usually look…and magic is weird! Don’tcha thing?! Like, so weird!!" She put her hands on her hips with a sigh. Then she looked back up to the boy, she hadn’t really looked at him since they’d been speaking…and when she did she began to hop, "OH WOW!! YOU’RE! YOU’RE ONE OF MY LINE! AN ICE BROTHER! AN ICE BOYO! HEYA HEYA!~" She hopped from foot to foot with excitement. ….suddenly she wanted to pull that piercing of his—hm.

"Hm?" She looked in the direction he was pointing. Then shrunk back a bit as the magician handed her the flowers. She in turn handed them to the taller boy, hiding behind him as she did so. "Nope, I don’t want them. That’s stranger danger bro. Not only that, but I’ll freeze em….what a waste." She blinked, looking up at him, "Erm…what’s yer name? I’m Vani!" She grinned happily as she extended her hand to him.



Jack found this particular girl to be interesting; but at the same time, a bit strange. He heard a voice coming from her earphones. Whoever she was talking to and/or talking to her did not seem to be very appreciative. Jack took a moment to look around. He was right in front of the coffee shop he worked at, so he felt that Harvey wouldn’t mind a new customer—besides the fact that Jack was nearly caught sleeping on the job but nonetheless—he invited the girl anyway. 

Once the petite girl introduced herself in an almost robotic-like fashion, Jack couldn’t help but laugh a little by the sight of how hard she was trying to socialize with him. He then calmed down a bit “Yelling?? I wasn’t yelling at you..Are you okay? You seem to be very angry with your phone, there.” he tilted his head with a long smile spread across his cheeks. After a second of thinking, he straightened his back, picked up his supplies and walked into the cafe, motioning for the girl to follow behind him. “This is a Coffee shop. I work here with my friends. Ah, my name’s Jack~ But some people call me ‘Jack Frost’ or just ‘Frost’ for short” he smiled and tied on his apron; walking behind the counter and leaning on the wood with his elbows “So what’s a cute girly like you doing around here anyway?” ‘And why does she keep screaming into her phone?’ he wanted to ask


She let out a small yelp, “O-oh no! Oh no, not you, I didn’t mean you were yelling at me! Honest! not you!” She began to fluster a bit, shaking her head, “N-no no no no, I’m not mad or anything like that, honest! I just…um….I happened…to um…I just got confused and then I think it just sounded like I was mad! Yes!” She really wasn’t angry, but at the same time she just sounded confused…how awful.

She tilted her head a bit, “Um…it’s a really nice coffee shop…and I think it’s lovely that you’re working here with your friends.” She smiled…at least for a second. Before becoming embarrassed once again. She nodded at him quickly, “Jack….hehe. Ah, so you’re familiar with the story of Jack Frost as well then! Isn’t it interesting?” She gasped, “Ah— erm, I mean, well. I just— N-nevermind— ….aha…ha…” Suddenly her face went red, and she almost dropped her phone, “A-AH- I’m…I’m not cute! I-I mean, thank you, I mean—” She held her ear again, something began yelling once again, “I uh— I mean, thank you so much, you’re cute too—A-AH—” The yelling started again, “No, I’m so sorry! i mean! I— I Y-you’re not cute— you’re…uh…I mean, you’re handsom— I mean…hhhh… I’m so sorry…ahhh.”



Henry laughed heartedly, holding Stella close and spinning her around and around. Goodness she was such a lovely woman…he was honestly and turely in love with her there was no doubt. ” Happy Anniversary my little star…..” he said, pulling back and giving Stella a sweet kiss. He held her hands and smiled even more, looking her over…even giving her and even bigger smile.

" ….you look…absolutely beautiful my darling…hehe…I trust they all took care of you at my request…?" he laughed a little bit as he held her hands, goodness his heart was racing rather fast now…he was thankful that his hands weren’t sweaty. " You shine way brighter than any star out here tonight…" Wow he was getting so lost in her presence….all that was going through his mind right now was…how much he loved this woman. 

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She laughed a bit as they twirled around together. There was absolutely no way to keep the smile off her face now as they slowly began dancing together. She smiled into the kiss,  “Well you look rather dashing yourself~ hehe, you even did your hair all fancy~”

"Hm? OH! right!" She lightly punched his arm as he held her, "I can’t believe you sent me to a spa! That was so fancy I couldn’t believe it!" She pretended to pout a bit but couldn’t hold it. "It was wonderful, everyone there was so nice, and oh…it was so relaxing…I almost didn’t want to leave..pfft— you really have to go one day…it was amazing." Her face was red once again as she desperately tried to hide it somehow, "This is really bad for a girl’s heart you know…— but…thank you…"

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" Ah…right on time Miss Stella…"

The limo driver smiled, opening the door for her and helping her in. He wasted no time to get her to where the Bird was waiting for her. It was night time…the stars were already out and it was bright. And as he drove past Stella could see that the place where they were going was…oddly familiar. The car stopped finally and the limo driver came out and opened up the door for her and smiled. ” Right this way ma’am…just up those stairs and Mr. Henry will be waiting for you~” he smiled and bowed his head before going back inside the limo…he would be waiting there for them when they were finished.

And standing and waiting for her little star was Henry, dressed up nicely in a button up, nice slacks and a vest. Hair slicked back a little bit as he held a rose in hand. There area was covered in star lanterns…he was more than thankful to Jiro for helping him with it…everything was incredibly special tonight. Though he had to admit he felt even more nervous than he had that day. But it wasn’t until he saw the top of her head that he smiled, finally…his princess was here. His smile only grew more as he saw her fully, but it wasnt any less charming.

" …Hello…my little star~"


Stella watched the scenery pass as they drew closer and closer to their destination, oh boy was it weird to be in a limo like this…especially alone…was this what a star felt like? She giggled a bit as she smiled. She really did have a wonderful day, but she was even more excited because at last she would see Henry.  When she stepped out of the limo she thanked the driver with a polite smile. Sure enough something was very familiar about the place that she found herself in. But what was it? She couldn’t place it exactly. But wait….it sort of looked like that same place from one year ago. She began walking up the stairs, a bit more quickly than she probably should have— she really couldn’t wait to see him.

When she finally reached the top she let out a gasp— the whole set up…wow it was breathtaking. Is that why he’d sent her away? To prepare? Even when it was a shared day he was still doing for her. To say she was happy…well…that didn’t even cover it. Finally spotting Henry she grinned. Oh my was he a handsome bird. Not that he wasn’t everyday, but…with the night sky and the lanterns…well…it was just a little different. She couldn’t hold back- in a second she would slip off her heels and run to him, happily throwing her arms around him in a tight embrace, “Hello, Henry. Happy anniversary.”