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E-EXCUSE ME?! I-I am very offended!! I-I am not! I mean…surely it isn’t wrong to busy myself with hobbies and the like, I mean I am deceased…so what else is there for me to do!?— I don’t have anything of the sort! I just enjoy cooking and cleaning and sewing!

flora is not a robot… is she? ))

"Who’s idea was it to watch this movie….?"

"Hey Ellie, better watch out, Mocha might take you here and replace you—pfft."


"H-hey, hey….Let’s not take it this far guys, calm down! ;; "

"……I just…..what is this even…..what what?"

"Pfft, at least we know that Flora won’t need replacing, she’s already a susie homemaker."

"PFFT—- so obviously, Stepford wives wasn’t the right choice for girls movie night….ahahaha…"

f-f-f—f-f-f-fighting the urge to add fennekin twins FIGHTING HARD))



.” Ink…Vader….?” 

Cassidy tilted her head to the side a little bit, lowering her camera a little as she looked to the strange guy. That was weird…really weird….she should probably get the heck out of dodge this guy was talking crazy….not to mention he was talking very LOUD. 

" Um…Im sorry I’m not sure what you’re talkin about…sorry I shouldn’t have asked—-" 

When he opened the bag however and she saw all that shrimp…she grew quiet…looking down into the bag. Oh no…oh no no no non no!!!! Cassidy’s eyes grew a little droopy and the smell of the shrimp was getting to her. Oh noo…how embarrassing…she was so overwhelmed!. 

" ….that looks delicious…" 


He grinned at the girl in front of him, a knowing look on his face. “none of our kind can resist the oh so tempting call of the shrimp, now can they?~”

He hopped a bit away from her, saluting for a second. “I AM TRITON! LORD OF THE SEA—whenmydaddecidestodiethatis— ANYWAYS. YES. AN INKVADER! I PLAN TO OVERTHROW THE SURFACE DWELLERS! …..but seeing as how I’m new….to this place and all it’s….very strange customs….i need a guide….WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE THAT GUIDE?!”

"As payment I will give you all the shrimp you’d like!"


The woman’s gaze softened considerably as both eyes now opened. “Do you wish to talk about it? Or should I just leave you be?” While she didn’t enjoy the smell of beer - little as it may be - Charlotte felt she should at least be there for this man. Give or take their past meetings that is-


He blinked. He really hated talking about things like this….but well…maybe a second opinion wouldn’t hurt. He turned to her, “Well….see….I was supposed to get in trouble…for something…but this…person….my friend…decided to take my punishment for me…and now…well… I’ll never get to see them again….or tell them thank you….or…I’m sorry…” He once again put his knees to his chest, “I’m…sorry for telling you this kinda stuff. I’m sure you didn’t come out tonight to be bothered with some dumbass and his stupid problems.” He laughed a bit. “I wanted to ask you though….do you think…there’s a way to apologize?”

"To my friend…..I mean…."



" Lune must really be into that kind of stuff…what doesn’t she watch them with whats his name—-Ace?" He called from the kitchen, putting in some popcorn and pouring some drinks as well. Did he have candy somewhere in here? Of course he did! He opened a drawer that was full of his and Stella’s favorites. He was always prepared. When the popcorn was done he smiled and started to bring out the tray as she had put in the movie. 

" …You know Ive only seen this movie once? And I think I had come home late night on a job to watch it…I hardly remember anything about it." he laughed, putting the tray down on the coffee table. " Oh Stella…you’re lounge clothes are still here…do you wanna go change before the movie?" 


With a loud sigh she hugged her pillow, “You don’t know the half of it! I’ve seen all the scream movies, AND some really weird one about kids in a cult….” She shuddered. “I’ve been eyeing Declan and Petunia for a week now.” She blinked, “Well uh, Ace has been busy as of lately…urm…with…work…he’s uh…in a band and stuff…and our manager at the cafe has been giving him more work— and that thing with Vic…so…” She smiled, “Lune’s been lonely and I wanted to help…even if it cost my sanity and my sleep cycle…haha.”

"Have you really?" She grinned, "I must have seen it twice already!~" She hopped a bit in her seat, reaching out and grabbing some popcorn, "Spiderman is one of my favorite heroes~ Heh." She blinked— "Oh that’s right! I left a set here, didn’t I! ….sorry about always leaving stuff….haha….Lune always tells me that I’m going to start making people think you wear girl’s clothes or something…" She slowly rose from the couch, rushing off to change, "If it comes on before I get back tell me what happens! — but you need to describe it in detail!!" With that she disappeared into the other room.

In ten minutes she rushed back, hair tied into a teeny ponytail with some pins to hold back the bangs— her favorite jacket and a pair of shorts was basically all she needed to be comfortable at this point. She sat herself back down, leaning on the bird with a smile, “So what’d i miss?~”



*The Dragonair suddenly grunted rather loudly as he was tackled so suddenly to the ground, by none other than his girlfriend. Dear Arceus was an entrance like that really necessary? Ace merely laid on the ground, staring at Lune with an irritated expression*


Lune…..In case you needed to know….its called walking through the door….not flying….~ *a sigh*

*The bat sat on top of him with a triumphant expression*

Five minutes flat AND I stuck the landing, a new record…..right baby?~

*Totally ignoring his annoyance she smiled, slumping onto him and nuzzling against his cheek, placing soft kisses all over his face and purring quietly*

You said you needed me, so I came flying, no time for doors hehe~



"Woah! Calm down there~ I was just cleanin’ the outside of the shop, didn’t mean to impo—" he peeked down at her phone; was there….a guy? Maybe she was video chatting with someone? He walked up to her "Didn’t scare ya’ did I? Well, why not some inside the shop for a bit?~" he pointed inside and picked up his supplies.


"O-o-o-OH! URM RIGHT SORRY! I SEE! I MEAN—" She held her head a moment, was someone screaming at her from her earphones? Sure looked like it— she whispered something into the phone and in a moment she looked back up to the male in front of her. Stretching her hand out almost mechanically she began speaking in monotone. "Hello, my name is Bianca. It is a great pleasure to mee— OW!! H-hey stop yelling at me!"

More hushed whispers into the phone as she once again turned her attention back to the male in front of her. She stared at him a bit—go inside….with him? But— she…. She nodded at him, “Y-yes….okay…Um…what kind of shop is this….exactly…..?”